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About World4Kids

World4Kids is part of the exciting OSHC (Out of School Hours Care) industry. The Directors are Ted and Sian Hatzakortzian, both of which are highly experienced in the industry. They began the company in December 2008 however Ted had already worked in the industry for over 10 years. Sian is a qualified teacher who also holds a Bachelor of Business and an Associate Diploma of International Trade.

All children are welcome at our programs and we pride ourselves in developing a program which fosters independence and the ability to work as a team member. The philosophy of World4Kids is to provide an out of school hours service (before care, after care and holiday programs) for primary school aged children, at schools, which is based upon quality care, where children are safe and secure and where the needs of the children and their families are met. The service supports and enhances the education aims of the school yet provides recreational and fun activities.


World4Kids is safe and super fun!

At World4Kids we place upmost importance on the safety and security of your child. We adhere to strict regulations imposed by the federal government that include a minimum of 1 educator to every 15 children. All medical, custody and personal details are held with confidence and monitored very closely by our consistent and qualified Educators.

Your child will be cared for vigilantly and with great diligence but we are also super fun! Nothing is too hard at World4Kids! We pride ourselves on having the latest game consoles, the best sports equipment and the biggest and greatest excursions out of all the OSHC providers! Your children won’t believe the brilliant Show Days, Stage Shows and Amusement parks we visit on a regular basis!

World4Kids educators:

World4Kids has a very strict and thorough recruitment process. We have several base requirements that all applicants need to meet before consideration. In turn; only the best, most passionate and most dedicated educators represent our organisation. All government guidelines in relation to qualifications, medical certificates and backgrounds checks are achieved with flawless precision.

Educators are trained in child protection, first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma management. Our Managers undergo a robust induction process and are provided with outstanding support to complete the incomparably essential role of caring for your child. Our Managers are consistent, and available each day; hence you will receive open and transparent communication from your main contact at World4Kids on a regular basis.

Parent Portal.

All of our parents have the convenience of being able to view, update and change their details and bookings through our parent portal, allowing parents to have total control over their use of the service. You can also access more details in our parent handbook that can be found here: Click to here to download.

Homework away from Home

At World4Kids we want to offer our families the complete service which means being able to assist the children in our care with an opportunity, and strong support to complete their homework. Our educators are relevantly qualified to assist in this manner and we have designated areas where children can find some peace and quiet to get their work done. This means that once they arrive home you can spend some genuine one on one time with your kids and not worry about completing the school based requirements.


Welcome To The World4Kids Staff Section.

This area is dedicated to current and perspective staff of World4Kids.

Current Staff Members.

Current staff members are able to access the Staff Portal by clicking on the ‘Staff portal’ tab above and following the prompts. This portal contains staff documentation and training, rosters, centre contact information and more. Details regarding how to log on are provided upon your date of employment, if you have misplaced them; you can source them from your Manager or the World4Kids Head Office.

Prospective Staff Members.

World4Kids is always looking for motivated and passionate people to join our team. If you are an enthusiastic and positive person who loves working with children, please don’t hesitate to send your resume and covering letter to for consideration.

Please note that all applicants must have qualifications relevant to the child care industry, a current employment working with children’s check and relevant first aid certificates.

Our Manager responsible for recruitment will then contact you if your application warrants a formal interview.


Convenience and school profit:

The Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) industry has recently become very heavily regulated and scrutinised under the new federal government standards and expectations. Whilst this is a fantastic initiative imposed by the government; many school run services are struggling to adhere to the strict requirements. We at World4Kids remove that burden from you and can offer a potential profit back to the school community with a negotiable profit share.

Staff and communication:

World4Kids is made up of a dedicated and knowledgeable team that will remove all hassle and concerns from the school whilst running a fully functioning, high quality OSHC service for your families. We employ only the best Managers that are employed on full time and permanent part time contracts in order to ensure clear and concise communication with the school. All educators are appropriately qualified, vetted and trained. Whilst we offer flawless peace of mind to the school by removing the OSHC hassle; we still endeavour to ensure the school’s philosophy, culture and values are an integral part of our curriculum. We also love to be present at all school events and often donate jumping castles, fairy floss machines and popcorn machines to many of our schools for their special events.

Referral program:

If you are an existing school with World4Kids and choose to recommend us to a sister school or neighbouring school, and they take on World4Kids as their OSHC Provider we will reward your school community with $2000! No catches, no questions asked. This is a new initiative introduced as of October 2013 and any referrals that occur after this will be entitled to the referral reward.


There are lots of OHSC providers out there but we at World4Kids have a reputation for being the best and most fun! We have access to the best resources, we offer profit shares back to the school, we ensure children are safe and secure, we offer ease and convenience for parents and schools when partnering with us. We are aware you have a great deal of choice from a variety of different providers; but we assure you that if you choose to give World4Kids an opportunity you will have chosen the best and will not be disappointed.

Being the oldest of the group Charlie is a natural leader. He's a real funny guy and loves to have hang out with all of his friends! Charlie's favourite classes are P.E and English because he enjoys playing all kinds of sports and writing lots of amazing stories. when Charlie grows up he wants to be a professional football player alongside his best friend Dwayne.
Dwayne is a natural athlete! Give the guy a ball and he'll blow you away with his crazy skills and tricks! But's that's not all, Dwayne is a Geography buff! Yes that's right Dwayne loves geography with a passion & he could talk to for days on end about all of his favourite countries. When Dwayne grows up he wants to travel the globe and go on all sorts of adventures!
Amanda loves the great outdoors! Lunchtime is Amanda's favourite time of the day because she gets to go exploring outside! Amanda also likes to skate with her friends on the weekends. When she grows up Amanda either wants to be a professional skater or teacher.
Lewis is the Brains of the bunch. His favourite subjects are maths & science because they help him with all of his inventions and experiments like Dogbert his robotic K9! When Lewis grows up he wants to be an inventor! Go Lewis!
Don't let Theodore's size fool you, he's a lot stronger than he looks! His favourite time of the day is reading time. Theodore loves to read and when he grows up he wants to be a famous author!
Cindy is famous for her cooking! She's an amazing cook with an eye for detail. Next time you see Cindy ask her for one of her delicious cupcakes, they look and taste AMAZING! When Cindy grows she wants to be a world renown chef!
Dogbert is one of Lewis's amazing inventions! He is a robotic K9 that can do pretty much anything you could ever imagine! Would you like to play fetch, go for a swim, soar the skies or even get a bite to eat? Look no further than Dogbert he can do all these things and more!

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